The new Opera House in Oslo,

The new Opera House in Oslo

In October 2008, the Oslo Opera House received the World Cultural Building award at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

Oslo, Norway
Building Type
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling, Ventilation
Bjørkvika hamn
Project Type
New building

Ventilation ducts and floor heating placed underground save space, costs and time. The systems for Oslo´s new opera house were supplied by Uponor.

Oslos new operahouse is intresting, both for its architecture and high-quality repertoire. The house, which draws the opera world´s top artists, also conceals modern building technology in its bowels.

The opera house´s ventilation technology meets the strict criteria dictated by the nature of the work done in the house. The main air ductwork constructed underground gave the archtects a free hand to create structures such as the impressive ceiling.

The building´s modern architecture is very evident in its vestibule, with is impressive, wood-panelled walls, and its glass walls opening out onto a magnificent view of the nearby fjord and the surronding urban environment.

"The Uponor floor heating system was used in the vestibule, with an area of over 2000 square meters, as the architects did not want to spoil the artistic impression with radiators. This floor heating system, hidden underneath the stone floor, suits the space perfectly", comments Halvor Aalerud, Managing Director of Uponor Norway.

The opera house was designed by the Norwegian architectural desig office Snøhetta, wich won the related internation design competition held in 2000. Snøhetta´s other design triuphs include the cultural complex of New York´s World Trade Centre and the Alexandria Library in Egypt.

The new Opera House in Oslo

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