Ultra Rib 2 Blue first installation,

Ultra Rib 2 Blue reduces the carbon oxide emissions with up to 70 %

In connection with a project in Sigtuna, the first pipes Ultra Rib 2 Blue are delivered. A new generation of pipes with 70% reduced carbon dioxide emissions. A significant part of the oil for the pipes comes from the waste industry and is vegetable.
Ultra Rib 2 is a system for wastewater transport. The system was launched in 1999 and now an upgrade of the pipes has recently been launched, with the addition of Blue. Ultra Rib 2 Blue achieves 70 % carbon dioxide reduction by mixing it in production in fossil-free raw material. The manufacturing process is otherwise identical to the previous one, only the raw material has changed.
It is Sigtuna municipality and Sigtuna Vatten who, via contractor SH Bygg in Uppsala, install the pipes during an expansion in the logistics center Västra Rosersberg and they are thus the first to install this type of pipe.

New raw material, same quality 
At the same time as the fossil footprint has been reduced by 50 % in the product, the quality is not compromised. The specification of the product, Ultra Rib 2 Blue, is the same as before, ie with the same maintained properties and performance. The pipes are manufactured in the ISCC-certified factory in Fristad. The certification means, among other things, that the customer receives a declaration of the amount of fossil-free material in the delivery of Ultra Rib 2 Blue. Uponor Infra's land drainage system Ultra Rib 2 has properties that are far above the essential normal requirements set in the Nordic region. The pipes meet double Nordic Poly Mark requirements.

In environmentally driven collaboration with DSV 
Delivery to Västra Rosersberg takes place with DSV trucks that are powered by fossil-free raw materials. It is the same fossil-free raw material as in Ultra Rib 2 Blue. In collaboration with Uponor Infra, they work together to increase the proportion of fossil-free transport.


Sigtuna, Sweden
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Sewer Municipal

We feel safe trying out Uponor Infra's new fossil-free pipes. Given Sigtuna municipality's environmental policy, we want to do our best to constantly work to run sustainable projects. Uponor Infra's investment in reducing the fossil footprint is completely in line with our philosophy, says Agneta Holm, head of Sigtuna Vatten.

Rickard Granath, Product and Marketing Manager at Uponor Infra, has been working with the new generation of pipes for over a year now and explains as follows:
- We have succeeded in creating a sustainable product of the same quality, which is of course important as the customer does not want to compromise on performance. Ultra Rib 2 Blue maintains the same high level of safety, tightness and strength. The customer can be assured that the pipes have a service life that extends well over 100 years.

- A great focus is on the customer-unique solutions that are developed together with customers where the parties work together to minimize environmental impact ", says Hanna Haglund, Senior CSR Manager at DSV.
- Through collaboration, there will be a common interest and thus effects in several activities at the same time. It will be in a different way than if it is only about one-way efforts, Hanna Haglund concludes.

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