Blackmill Doors Windmill,
United Kingdom

Blackmill Doors Windmill

Gordon Marshall started a wood yard in his local village using reclaimed wood from the Nottingham factories and terraces which were in steep in decline.

Lincoln, United Kingdom
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Single family home
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Lattialämmitys ja -viilennys
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Over the years the business grew developing into
the mass production of skilfully crafted furniture, located all over the East
Midlands. Standing in the centre of the original site is the symbol that
inspired Gordon's life work, a 19th century mill, now given a new lease of life
as a £1m plus house conversion to accommodate Gordon long into his retirement.
Such luxury deserves a level of comfort delivered by an energy efficient
expert, and underfloor heating company Uponor Housing Solutions was the ideal

With such an interesting project covering over five
floors it was imperative that the pipe used throughout the project could cope
with both 'hot & cold' water supply, as well as the underfloor heating.
Richard Bentley installed the underfloor heating system into every aspect of
the house including the 3 small upper floors and a garage. All the upper floors
utilised a simple clip rail system that alloed the pipe to run in between 200mm
beams and beneath the floor. Manifold plumbing was used throughout the building
utilising hidden space in the bathrooms for manifold location.

The decision to use Uponor MLC pipe was taken
because it has the advantage of both flexibility and quick installation time.
Uponor MLC pipe uses a very simple press fitting system that offers a strong
connection that dramatically reduces the time of installation. The pipe is
available in coils between 50 and 500 metres and as a result means the only
connection is made at the manifold, allowing the water in the underfloor
heating to flow smoothly. The Uponor manifold plumbing system makes domestic
hot and cold pipe work simple to install and allow the consumer to 'zone off'
specific areas of the house.

"I've been working with this pipe for the best
part of 13 years and in that time I cannot recall being called back to a job.
The pipe is clean, and once in position you know it is going to stay there,
especially when hand-laying underfloor heating. It's a top class, affordable
material". Richard Bentley (Richard Bentley Plumbing & Heating)

Blackmill Doors Windmill

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