Momentai House,
United Kingdom

Momentai House

Momentai House is a magnificent luxury home, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, office, swimming pool area has MLCP UFH, Plumbing and UP36 Weather Compensation.

Crawley, United Kingdom
Building Type
Single family home
Product systems
Lattialämmitys ja -viilennys
Project Type
New building

When Chris Bartholomew the Managing Director of his self titled Electrical Contractor company decided he wanted to build himself a magnificent luxury home, he decided that not only would he undertake the project management, but also the specifying throughout the project.
How to heat the property was an easy decision for electrical expert Chris who has lived with Uponor Underfloor Heating (UFH) since 1998. 'Momentai' which translates to 'no worries' in Cantonese was very appropriate for an UFH system supplied by Uponor Housing Solutions, which is not only straight-forward to install but also perfectly controls the ambient temperature within the property. In addition Uponor Multi Layer Composite Pipe (MLCP) was used throughout the project on all the domestic pipework.

Installed by Alpha Heating of Crawley, Momentai House uses state of the art UFH and domestic pipework systems. Installed into both ground and first floor suspended timber floor applications the Uponor system took a little under four days to install and created multi-zoned domestic and working environments. The UFH has been installed into a suspended floor construction using Unifoil insulation with plastic clips holding the MLC pipe in postion. The installer, Alpha Heating, utilised an Uponor UP36 Weather Compensation Controller to manage the heating system. The UP36 changes the amount of heat going into the system depending on the outside temperature and in addition comes complete with set back function that reduces the floor temperature in times of inactivity, whilst maintaining a residual heat to reduce the reaction time when the system is in full use.

The benefits are that the UP36 system is an extremely
economical comfort provider, alleviating the need to make minor adjustments
throughout the cold periods. The Uponor MLC pipe and Unifoil combination used
in the suspended floor installation can give approximately 70W/m²,
easily reaching the 26-27⁰C degrees floor temperature required to heat the room


Momentai House

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