United Kingdom


23 High Spec Apartments inc. cinema, gymnasium & spa. MLCP Plumbing System is used throughout the project.

Peterborough, United Kingdom
Building Type
Single family home
Product systems
Project Type
New building

Sitting proudly above the Cambridgeshire skyline, the @SIXTY2 project in Peterborough is the brainchild of Optima, a company used to making a statement and taking on the most challenging of projects.
@SIXTY2 is a striking example of contemporary living combined with modern technology, including state of the art Uponor Multi Layer Composite (MLC) pipework. The complex contains everything to make modern day living even more convenient, boasting its own cinema, spa, sauna and individual Jacuzzi style whirlpools, which is a lot of water needing successful transportation! Using Uponor MLC meant the project's engineers could be as flexible and time conscious as people who live in them.
The versatility of the Uponor MLC system allows it to be used throughout the project in a number of applications.

Uponor MLC pipe has a full WRAS Scheme Approval for use in drinking water applications in the UK, making it ideal for pressurised hot and cold water systems. In addition the luxury apartments spa, steam room and sauna all required water supply with standard sized of pipework. The Uponor MLC pressfit jointing system used by the installers is simple; just bevel the pipe, insert the fitting and press with an Uponor 'Mini Gun 32', a process which takes only a matter of seconds.

Uponor?s MLC pipe is recognised for being a market leader in the flexible plumbing market. The pipe possesses a 100% oxygen tight construction which prolongs the life of pumps and other equipment sensitive to corrosion. Form stable technology allows the pipe to bend when you want it to and remain rigid when required.

Lastly, the limited expansion and smooth internal bore allows the pipe to be used in hot and cold water, as well as heating applications without deterioration in the pipe's size or shape. The high spec nature of the project meant that by having all the pipework in Uponor MLCP, the Specifier Optima was able to have a fast 'hassle-free' plumbing solution.


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