D'or Appartements,

D'or Appartements

In one of the most beautiful parts of Budapest, at the bottom of the Sas hill, there is this 88 flat condominium called "D'or Appartements", which consists of 3 blocks. On the 1.23 acre property, there are three 5-story blocks of 32, 31 and 25 flats respectively. The most important aspect in the design of the flats was to create ideal living-space, thus homes between 46 m2 and 105 m2 can be found in the buildings.

Budapest, Hungary
Building Type
Single family home
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D'or Appartements 88 lakásos társasház
Project Type
New building

Lifelong Quality

In the architectural design, functionality and aesthetics were the main drivers. An important role was given to the building-up large glass surfaces and galleries, which let vital sunshine inside of the flats. On the first floor flats are complemented with their own gardens, providing an even more homely environment. On the top floor, flats have large roof-gardens, which dazzle their owners with unique panorama. In the dreaming-up of the flats, it was an important aspect to create a harmonic environment of buildings and green areas. In the condominium surrounded by a fence, the security of the occupants is increased by state-of-the-art video entry phone and electrically operated garage doors.  In the design of the building engineering system, the exceptional comfort and energy efficiency was taken into account. Among others, investor demanded construction of the cooling system, too. It was a plausible demand that the two functions are solved by the same system. This is why Uponor wall and ceiling heating/cooling system had been chosen, which - due to its small installation thickness - was installed in the plaster layer. Hence, heating/cooling tasks are solved invisibly. The 9.9 mm Uponor PE-Xa pipes were installed to the ceiling using clamp joint rails, fixed at every twenty inches. The cold or hot water circulation in these pipes provide the proper room temperatures. 4,500 m2 Uponor wall and ceiling heating/cooling system were installed, containing nearly 45,000 m Uponor 9.9 mm diameter Uponor Pe-Xa pipes. Due to the low operating temperature, the system is energy efficient.

D'or Appartements

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