Wood housing,
Ponteranica (BG),

Wood housing

This "Class A" house is the maximum expression of the words "energy efficiency. This is first "Class A" project outside the Trentino-Alto Adige Region.

Ponteranica (BG), Italy
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Single family home
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Project Type

This "Class A" house is the maximum expression of the words "energy efficiency". Perfect thermal insulation, solar panels, heat pumps and Uponor underfloor heating & cooling system paired up with wireless temperature control are perflectly integrated in the building structure.

Uponor Sales people, engineers and installers worked together to create a comfortable living solution. They started with the ideal thermal insulation, which is a fundamental aspect for a "Class A" building. The green roof grants a pleasant integration with the beautiful natural scenary of the area.

Uponor underfloor heating & cooling is paired up with renewable energy souces, and the ideal temperature is obtained with Uponor wireless control with LCD display.

Mechanical ventilation is also another important aspect of the project. The indoor air is automatically changed every 24 hours. This will reduce the thermal losses due to the frequent opening and closing of windows, and since the air is constantly renwed, it will created a healthy and allergene-free environment.

Wood housing

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