Thunderbird, Poole,
United Kingdom

Thunderbird, Poole

Uponor is proud to be the primary supplier of pipe work and underfloor heating to one of Britain´s most breathtaking buildings: the Thunderbird.

Dorset, United Kingdom
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Single family home
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Lattialämmitys ja -viilennys, PEX-putkijärjestelmät
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New building

With a passion for innovation Uponor is proud to be the primary supplier of pipe work and underfloor heating to one of Britain´s most breathtaking buildings. Thunderbird is a £3.9M development in Poole and is based on the home of Jeff, Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon and Alan Tracey, of the popular 60´s TV show with the same name.

The project spectacularly covers 200m² and is set in landscaped gardens with a large pool and fountain, with water an obvious feature throughout the property. With an open plan design and top specification equipment, every inch of this house has been planned to the last detail. With so many innovations happening in the house at one time deadlines had to be met.

The contemporary approach to the project meant that wall space as well as clean lines was imperative to the overall appearance of the project. As a result Uponor Multi Layer Composite pipe was used in the underfloor heating application as well as the highly efficient plumbing system. The plumbing consisted of approximately 1000m of Uponor MLC pipe, and the underfloor heating around 3,500m of the same material.

To control the whole system Uponor Ltd incorporated the advanced weather compensating control device, 'UP36'. This ultra modern home needed the very latest techniques, so installers LA Heat used 'pressfit' technology to work in enclosed conditions with outstanding results, in a fraction of the time.
The decision to use Uponor MLC pipe was taken because it has the advantages of flexibility and quick installation time. Uponor MLC pipe uses a very simple press fitting system that offers a strong connection that dramatically reduces the time of installation. The pipe is available in coils between 50 and 500 metres as a result the number of joins in the underfloor is minimal, and does not affect the flow of water in the underfloor heating, especially in projects of this size. For the installer, Uponor offer direct contact with an experienced technical team to aid in the installation of such an unusual project.

Thunderbird, Poole

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