Cromford Mill,
United Kingdom

Cromford Mill

Cromford Mill is a 3 bedroom holiday home plus static exhibition. Which has been installed with Uponor PEX Plumbing.

Cromford, United Kingdom
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Single family home
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Lattialämmitys ja -viilennys, PEX-putkijärjestelmät
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The Arkwright society is named after Richard Arkwright, famous for his development of using water power to revolutionise the textile industry and arguably starting the industrial revolution. The 'flagship' Mill is based in Cromford had fallen on rough times since the 19th century, but the past few years has seen the site restored to its former glory to educate people in Britain heritage. Fittingly, flexible plumbing experts Uponor Ltd was please to provide its PEX plastic pipe to help the Arkwright Society create holiday accommodation at its Slinter Cottage museum.

The site was taken over by the Arkwright Society in 1979, and the newly opened building will now have its new domestic water amenities supplied by Uponor's advanced plastic pipe technology.

The Arkwright Society will now use the undercroft as a display area with static exhibition material as well as working machinery, and the upper floor as holiday accommodation, providing much needed income for the charity. By incorporating Uponor PEX pipe throughout the project the installers were given the benefit of being completely flexible. Refurbishment and renovation projects can be notoriously difficult to install new plumbing because of their rigid properties, thus making the flexible PEX pipe the perfect solution.

Uponor PEX pipe is 5-layer pipe with a chemically cross-linked polyethylene PEX base pipe for long-term strength and performance at high temperature, vital in a project of this importance. PEX has the unique advantage of being suitable for all types of heating and potable water applications, making it ideal in an education centre involving children. The fast fitting system means a joint can be made 100% leak free in as little as 25 seconds using no rubber seals, moving parts or hot work.

Cromford Mill

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