West Bay,
United Kingdom

West Bay

West Bay in Bridport is a primary example of modern living. It utilises the sustainable technology of underfloor heating and flexible installation plastic pipework.

Bridport, United Kingdom
Building Type
Single family home
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Project Type
New building

The popularity of flexible plumbing techniques in
the UK has without question grown in recent years due to the flexibility of
installation, and more recently the overall cost of raw materials over
traditional materials. Making the best use of plastic materials are developers
building multi occupancy projects; 'West Bay' in Bridport is a primary example
of this. Not only does it utilise the sustainable technology of underfloor
heating, it uses plastic pipework and manifold plumbing to supply all the
domestic pipework supplied by Uponor Ltd.

Providing the expertise on the West Bay project was
UFH Now, whose knowledge of the Uponor range was utilised to complete the
project and offer advice onsite. Nine apartments were erected in phase one and
45 erected in phase two which also contained a commercial area on the ground
floor, making best use of space. The installation was carried out by S Goulton
Plumbing and Heating Ltd who in addition to the heating added Uponor's L
manifold to provide all the hot and cold water to the various apartments. The
water temperature was controlled by the combi boiler; with the exception of two
town houses which used Uponor's unique UNiset mini manifold systems.

The decision to use Uponor MLC pipe was taken
because it has the advantages of flexibility and quick installation time.
Uponor MLC pipe uses a very simple press fitting system that offers a strong
connection that dramatically reduces the time of installation. The pipe is
available in coils between 50 and 500 metres and as a result means the only
connection is made at the manifold, allowing the water in the underfloor
heating to flow smoothly. The UNIset Mini is designed for control of both water
temperature and flow rates in secondary underfloor heating circuits. Available
for commercial applications as well a domestic, the UNIset mini is one of three
UNIsets that add flexibility to any project.

West Bay

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