Reaseheath College,
United Kingdom

Reaseheath College

Reaseheath College required a plumbing solution. The ideal candidate was Uponor and its Multi-Layer Composite pipe.

Chester, United Kingdom
Building Type
Single family home
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Project Type
New building

Set amongst 500 acres of farm, Rease, Health, College offers a rural setting to provide it students with a mixture of courses and facilities to allow them to further their education. To keep up with demand the RHC has made the decision to expand and improve its teaching facilities, including adding to its accommodation for full-time students.Requiring a plumbing solution to fit in with the 'curved' shape of its residential buildings, the architect required a plumbing and heating network that was flexible in installation yet have expansion properties more comparable to copper. The ideal candidate was Uponor and its Multi-Layer Composite pipe, which has a unique layer of aluminium to thank for its distinctive properties.

Installed into first 48 of a planned 200 student accommodations, OMG made the most of Uponor MLC six second press fitting system to complete all the joints from 16-63mm.The curved nature of the building meant that the plumbing system needed to be flexible in application yet maintain minimal expansion. The nature of press fit system means it takes exactly the same amount of time to make a 12mm joint as it does 110mm one. The installer was so impressed with the pipework they used it for service, and hot and cold water supply on the new site. Uponor's MLC pipe is recognised for being a market leader in the flexible plumbing market. The pipe possess a 100% oxygen tight construction (which prolongs the life of your pumps and other equipment sensitive to corrosion), form stable yet flexible plumbing technology (bends when you want and remains rigid when you need it to) and lastly limited expansion and smooth internal bore (allows the pipe to be used in hot and cold water, as well as heating applications without deterioration in the pipe's size or shape). The nature of the build meant that the installation was kept to an absolute minimum, with no risk of on site hot work or material theft.

Reaseheath College

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