NV Buildings Salford Quays,
United Kingdom

NV Buildings Salford Quays

The NV Buildings are the answer to modern living, installed with Uponor's state-of-the-art manifold plumbing techniques and risers.

Manchester, United Kingdom
Building Type
Single family home
Product systems
Project Type
New building

Uponor Ltd's latest installation is a futuristic plumbing system that will supply amenities to one of the most advanced buildings in the country. The NV Buildings in Salford Quays, Manchester, are Countryside Properties homage to modern living, with the development's three stunning towers designed by Manchester based architects Broadway & Malyan housing a total of 246, one, two and three bedroomed apartments and penthouses. Residents enjoy the luxury of security and maintenance services in-line with the city's top hotels.
As you would expect, all of the NV Buildings structures, which were put in place by Mitie Engineering, utilise the very latest construction materials and techniques.

The advanced water systems installed by H.E. Simms employ Uponor's state-of-the-art manifold plumbing techniques and risers, allowing each plumbed-in appliance to be individually isolated if it fails meaning residents can effectively 'switch-off' the supply to sinks, toilet's etc. instead of watching the water rise around them as they wait for a plumber if something goes wrong. Uponor's flexible plumbing systems therefore provide the NV Buildings with safe and reliable plumbing, with over 15,000 meters of the easy-to-install, form-stable pipe being fitted in the first tower alone.

NV Buildings Salford Quays

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