Uponor soil drainage system Ultra Rib 2 in Öckerö municipality,

Uponor soil drainage system Ultra Rib 2 in Öckerö municipality

Important surface water project with demand for flexibility and length of life At last the problem with floods at Västra Vägen on Hönö became too big.

Hönö, Sweden
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Single family home
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Sewer Municipal
Västra Vägen
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The municipality took its responsibility and has now installed 580 m surface water and waste water pipes. Uponor delivered the pipes and HTE Garden has made the installation. So now the rain can fall over Hönö safely and can so run for the nearest century. At least!



The area around Västra Vägen on central Hönö has since long had problems with floods at heavy rain. Concurrently that the society has grown, the old ditches have been insufficient. When the municipality took over the responsibility from the National Road Administration spring 2009, the municipality started to build out the surface water and waste water systems from Konferensängen along with Västra Vägen. “It is important that the municipality goes in front and takes action what we can take actions before we bring claims for the house owners. But after this work everything is prepared that the interested parties will be able to connect to our system”, Peder Falck says, project responsible on Öckerö municipality. The first stage, “peat moss”, was carried through before the holidays and reached 320 m. The second stage, 260 m outside Västra Vägen, had to wait until after the holidays as the area is heavily trafficked during the summer months. “A surface water system which will hold at least 100 years has been installed.”


It is many factors which are weighed when a big water and drainage project are going to be carried out but in October the last pipe was on place and the nearby houses could start to connect on the municipal surface water system.



The pipes which will lead away the surface water onwards are Uponor’s Ultra Rib 2 (the feeder size 560 to the first length 320 m and size 450 to the second length 260 m). The work has been made in available excavations where there already are pipes for sewer and conduits for electricity and telecom which make demands on the working methods. Because the new pipes will land up correct in relation to the old ones, the excavations have also been needed to be enlarged. Water crack, big accuracy and a lot of work by hand are three factors which have led the project in goal. The easy-to-handle Uponor pipes are perhaps a factor to count on to the final result as well. “I am impressed how well they hold. It is possible to handle the pipes flexible and adjust afterwards. It saves money and time”, Raimo Johansson, engineer of HTE Garden, says. He tells us that plastic pipes have appeared in bigger road works of later years. When he started in the branch it was only concrete. As an engineer the low weight of the plastic pipes is a big advantage and when he digged up an old concrete pipe, he could see how time and the surrounding soil had crumbled the concrete.



“The real result we can see when the first downpour comes”, Peder Flack, Öckerö municipality. “However, we have reached the goal and have kept the timetable. Now the artery is ready so to say.” A surface water system which will hold for at least 100 years is on place with wells for outflow and connection points to all concerned houses. And the people of Hönö can walk more dry-shod when the winter storms come.


Uponor soil drainage system Ultra Rib 2 in Öckerö municipality

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